Undergraduate Student Position

Infographics/Graphic Design/Desktop Publishing

Updated 05/24/2016

This position involves:

  • Working with the education team and researchers to design interesting media products that convey scientific information to the public.
  • Creating infographics and imagery to be displayed within the center, in public exhibits and presentations, and on the center’s website and social media outlets.
  • Drafting fliers, brochures, and posters for events hosted by the center.
  • Creating graphics, including brief video animations, that can be included in video productions.
  • Introducing the center to new media receiving widespread use within the communications community.

Qualified candidates should have:

  • Interest in working with media from spectacular parts of the planet, including polar and mountain regions.
  • Experience creating and editing media using Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop or equivalent software.
  • Experience with collection of digital media including photographs and scans.
  • Knowledge of science content (or willingness to learn).
  • Successful experience working as a member of a team.
  • Willingness to work within project constraints and deadlines.

While not required, the center welcomes candidates who have experience with video animation, interactive media, and social media.


Flexible 10-15 hours weekly



Applicants are asked to submit a cover letter, resume, and advising report to Jason Cervenec, Education and Outreach Director - BPCRC at cervenec.1@osu.edu or Scott Hall, 1090 Carmack Road, Columbus, OH 43210. We invite applicants to provide a link to a site displaying their original work or have a portfolio of materials available for review.


Byrd Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Updated 05/01/2016 (deadline for applying has passed)

The Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center (BPCRC) of The Ohio State University annouced the 2016 Byrd Fellowship Program for Postdoctoral Researchers on January 5, 2016. This program was established through a major gift from the Byrd Foundation in memory of Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd and Marie Ames Byrd, his wife. This program provides fellowships at The Ohio State University for postdoctoral researchers with superior academic backgrounds who are pursuing advanced research on topics relevant to polar and alpine environments as well as global climate change. Postdoctoral fellows must have received their Ph.D. within five years of selection. Except for fieldwork and other fellowship related research activities that require absence from campus, Byrd Fellows are expected to be in residence at the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center during the tenure of their fellowship.



Rick Toracinta Graduate Fellowship in Atmospheric Science

Updated 04/15/2015

Melissa Wrzesien has been awarded the 2015 Toracinta Graduate Fellowship in Atmospheric Science!

Dr. E. Richard (Rick) Toracinta was a talented research scientist with the Polar Meteorology Group of the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center at The Ohio State University. In addition to his polar work, Rick had a passion for severe weather and was a volunteer storm chaser on the Great Plains during many springs. This scholarship commemorates Rick's lasting interest in the atmosphere as well as his desire to be a teacher.

This prestigious scholarship is awarded biennially to a graduate student studying atmospheric science, broadly defined, at The Ohio State University. Preference will be given to students specializing in severe weather (e.g., thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes), polar meteorology or polar climatology. The selection criteria include academic performance, excellence as an instructor (if appropriate), financial need, and intended use of the scholarship funds to advance one's graduate studies.

To apply, send a brief (typically 1-2 pages) statement of eligibility and intended usage of the scholarship funds. Examples of the latter include travel to a conference or to undertake fieldwork for one's degree, payment of page charges on a refereed manuscript, etc. Include copies of your undergraduate and graduate transcripts. Provide a cover page that specifies your name, phone, email address and your advisor's name, phone, and email address.

By Monday, March 16, 2015 send these materials to:

Professor David Bromwich
Polar Meteorology Group, Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center &
Department of Geography, Atmospheric Sciences Program
The Ohio State University
108 Scott Hall
1090 Carmack Road
Columbus, OH 43210
E-mail: bromwich.1@osu.edu

The $2,000.00 scholarship will be awarded by late April 2015. The recipient will be selected by a 3-member committee. For more information, contact David Bromwich at 614-292-6692 or bromwich.1@osu.edu.


G. McKenzie Undergraduate Scholarship Fund

Updated 10/05/2015

Attention UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS working with Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center scientists. You are encouraged to apply for research support from the G. McKenzie Undergraduate Scholarship Fund. The funds are to be used in support of your undergraduate research (travel to meetings to present research, future fieldwork, and/or other anticipated research related expenses).

Applications are to be submitted to:

Dr. Ellen Mosley-Thompson
Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center
The Ohio State University
108 Scott Hall
1090 Carmack Road
Columbus, OH 43210

Applications are due by Friday, November 13, 2015.  Scholarship awards will be made the first week of December 2015.

Applications must include: a one-page description of your project (please include a title), a short detailed budget and a letter of endorsement by the BPCRC member with whom you are working. Please include your contact information within your proposal (email address, phone number and advisor's name). Requests can be in the amount of $600.00 or less.

Any questions should be directed to Michele Cook at cook.942@osu.edu.