Rock Boxes for Education


Rock Boxes contain samples (rocks, fossils, minerals), teacher materials (links provided below), and tools to examine the samples. Boxes sent to younger audiences also include books appropriate for various ages through 4th grade. Rock Boxes are freely provided to educators as an outreach service of the Polar Rock Repository and Byrd Center. With few exceptions, all of the samples in the boxes are brought to you from Antarctica! Request a Rock Box for Education.

The Byrd Center, in partnership with teachers and visiting school groups, has put together a unit on rocks and the rock cycle [pdf]. The overall unit is provided here with one additional handout [pdf] that accompanies Investigation 2. This unit is designed to be inquiry-based and utilize materials available in our Rock Boxes.

The Polar Rock Repository is a library of samples collected by U.S. expeditions to Antarctica over the past century; the only difference is that we have rocks on our shelves rather than books. Rock Boxes are our way of sharing our vast collection of samples with you.


Not seeing what you are looking for? Contact the Byrd Center's Education & Outreach Group.