November 3, 2020

In the latest Alumni Magazine, the article Beauty is all around by Jo McCulty features images provided by Ohio State researchers across all departments. These images highlight research in earth…

October 28, 2020

Lonnie and Ellen appeared on WOSU's All Sides with Ann Fisher on Tuesday, Oct. 27, to discuss the importance of the ice archives at the OSU Byrd Center and supporting the Buckeye Ice Campaign to…

October 21, 2020

As Greenland’s glaciers retreat, they are losing ice at a faster and faster rate. Michalea King, CC BY-ND

Michalea King, The Ohio State University

Greenland is the largest…

October 12, 2020

By Chris Booker,

Originally published in Ohio State News.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day honored at Ohio State The day promotes the visibility of Native peoples


A conversation…

September 18, 2020

Dr. Ellen Mosley-Thompson talks with Mackenzie Bart of WBNS News about how ice cores preserve records of human activity, atmospheric changes, and viruses and bacteria.

September 16, 2020

Dr. Aaron Wilson discusses the far-reaching impact of the Western U.S. wildfires with The Columbus Dispatch in the article, Western wildfires cause hazy skies, intense Ohio sunsets.


September 3, 2020
Records of human history, preserved for thousands of years

Originally published in The Conversation.

By Lonnie Thompson, Distinguished University Professor, Earth Sciences, The Ohio State…

August 13, 2020
Even if the climate warming stops, study finds, glaciers will continue to shrink

Nearly 40 years of satellite data from Greenland shows that glaciers on the island have shrunk so much that even…

August 13, 2020

Dr. Lonnie Thompson and Dr. Richard Alley discuss the urgency and challenges associated with saving perfectly preserved atmospheric records contained within ice cores with Kristen Pope in the…