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Women in Antarctica


Symposium Agenda
A Celebration of Women in Antarctica: 50th Anniversary of OSU Expedition
Wed. thru Friday, October 16 – 18, 2019

Wednesday, October 16

7:00pm – 9:00pm

Icebreaker and registration @ Staybridge Suites, 3125 Olentangy River Road


at 7:30pm the 2019 Goldthwait Polar Medal will be awarded to Dr. Julie Palais

Thursday, October 17


Registration and Coffee

Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center, 2nd floor registration table and outside of the auditorium (Rm. 240) 1090 Carmack Road


Welcome: Ian Howat, Director of the Byrd Center



Session 1    Thank you Lois Jones





Julie Palais – Following in the Footsteps of Lois Jones: Looking Back on 40 years of involvement with the U.S. Antarctic Program






Kelly Falkner – Celebrating Change in Polar Science and Science Support



Break, refreshments


Session 2    Pioneering Women


Karen Ronne Tupek – Antarctica’s First Lady


Claire Parkinson – From Field Work on Deception Island to a 40-year Satellite Record of Polar Sea Ice


Rosie Askin – A Journey into the Transantarctic Mountains


Ellen Mosley-Thompson – Timing is Everything: From Antarctica to Greenland and Back


Lunch – 1st floor of Scott Hall, Rooms 176, 177, and front porch of Scott Hall if weather permits


Session 3    Keynote Speaker

Terry Tickhill Terrell - Once Upon a Time in a Faraway Land


Introduction of Terry by Ellen Mosley-Thompson


Session 4    The Brains and Brawn behind the U.S. Antarctic Program


Jessie Crain – Mothers in Antarctica


Liz Kauffman - Women Leading Scientific Support at the Bottom of the World


Jill Ferris - Achieving Gender Equality in the U.S. Polar Programs Contractor Workforce, and some of the women who paved the way


Julie Mueller - IVs on Ice


Break - refreshments outside auditorium


Session 5    (Science for All and All for Science)


Kathy Welch - Long term science in the dry valleys, and the impact of Jones and Faure


Melisa Diaz - Pink Gloves in the Transantarctic Mountains


Terry Wilson - Becoming a Polar Geoscientist: Early Adventures at the tip of South America


Close for the day


Banquet and dinner with speaker at Staybridge Suites, 3125 Olentangy River Road

Banquet Speaker is Morgan Seag - Looking Back, Looking Forward: the past, present and future of women on the ice

Friday, October 18


Welcome by OSU Provost Bruce McPheron


Session 6    Keynote Speaker

Eileen McSaveney - The Only Tent with Curtains in the Antarctic

Introduction by Laura Kissel


Break, Refreshments


Session 7    Panel Discussion: Polar Research in the #metoo Era: Gender Balance, Diversity and Sexism in the Antarctic.

Panel Moderator – Mary Albert

Panelists: Amy Leventer, Gretchen Hofmann, Amelia Shevenell, & Marilyn Raphael

Panel Introductions and then moderator will introduce topic. Audience will have opportunity to ask questions in advance of the session via notecards or other format.


Lunch, - 1st floor Scott Hall, Rooms 176, 177, and front porch of Scott Hall if weather permits


Session 8    Learning and Teaching


Carol Landis - Making Connections: Scientists, Teachers & Students


Lindsey McIntosh-Lin - Polar Research and Exploration through the Eyes of a Child




Thank you/Wrap up before final session – Ian Howat, Director, Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center


Session 9    Workshop and Concurrent Poster Session

Generate Excitement about your work: Use of Photography, Videography and prose for engaging storytelling (Rm. 240 Scott Hall). Join us for this exciting interactive session led by Byrd media specialist Pamela Theodotou and facilitated by other conference presenters (Cervenec, Diaz, Landis, McIntosh-Lin). Appropriate for all attendees, the workshop includes an interactive activity.

Poster Session in Rooms 176 and 177 Scott Hall.


Tours of Byrd Center, please meet in Room 177 Scott Hall


End of Symposium